Nomi's blends are made from 100% pure and raw ingredients and undergo high pressure processing (HPP) for maximum freshness and enjoyment. Nomi approached 360&5 to craft a identity system and design language that adequately reflected what Nomi believes in.

A conscientious process of researching and refining what works best for our body,The art of origami requires discipline. It demands the dexterity of hands and a focused mind. In an origami creation, there may be hundreds of folds in that singular piece of paper, but one doesn’t often see the intricacy of the process that goes into it. A group of one thousand origami paper cranes is known to be a symbol of healing, peace and hope.

And that’s what Nomi represents.

Client: Nomi
Agency: 360 & 5
Creative Director: Andrew Luke Lim
Designer: Lucas Seet

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